Humidity Indicator Card – แผ่นวัดความชื้น (20 cards/pack)

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Humidity Indicator Card – แผ่นวัดความชื้น

Premium Humidity Indicator Cards (REUSABLE More than 20 times) – Cards should not be in Direct Contact with Foods or Medications

  • แผ่นวัดความชื้น
  • แผ่นวัดความชื้น


Humidity Indicator Card – แผ่นวัดความชื้น

  • Our Humidity Indicator Card is the Highest Quality in the Industry for Humidity Measurement. – Strictly Tested for Clear Color Change
  • Indicator Changes Blue (Dry) to Pink (Humid). Humidity indicator cards are sensitive to temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, and wind. Therefore, they do not work well in open air. They work well and display accurate relative humidity level in enclosed space.
  • When You Initially Open the Card, All Dots Sometimes React and Change Color Because They are Exposed to Sudden Humidity. If You Wait for About 30 minutes, the Card will Calibrate and You will be able to Read the Humidity Level. – 6 Spots Humidity Indicating (10%/20%/30%/40%/50%/60% RH – Clear Color Change)
  • CONTINUOUSLY & ACCURATELY Displays Humidity Level – If the humidity level becomes lower, the strip will change back to blue (the original color). Just because the color has changed to the next level does not mean it cannot go back to the previous color. The colors will change depending on the humidity level. Colors may fade with long term use of more than 20 times.
  • แผ่นวัดความชื้น

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Weight 25 g

6 Dots, 3 Dots

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