Activated Alumina 3-5mm (30kg/drum)

Raw Materials:Activated Alumina:AA35

  • chemical production
  • dehydration
  • desiccant drying
  • siloxane removal
  • static applications
  • pharmaceutical production
  • water purification


Standard Activated Alumina is manufactured for water adsorption and filtration applications by adsorbing impurities from the surrounding environment. Activated alumina can be used in a wide range of applications including the production of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and in static or dynamic dehydration applications. This activated alumina offers a high adsorption capacity for both static and dynamic adsorption processes.


  • used to dehydration or filtration applications
  • capable of dehydrating surrounding environment
  • creates ideal environment for the production of chemicals and pharmaceuticals
  • offers advantageous adsorption capacity in static and dynamic applications


Chemical Formula

(Al2O3) x aH2O

Additional information

Weight 30000 g