Shipping Container Desiccants: InterDry Power Desiccant, Ecobag, and KeepDry

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In this ultimate guide, we will explore the three leading shipping container desiccant products—InterDry Power Desiccant, Ecobag, and KeepDry—to help you make an informed decision on the best moisture protection solution for your cargo. These desiccants play a critical role in safeguarding various types of cargo from moisture-related damages during transit.

Understanding Shipping Container Desiccants

What are shipping container desiccants?

Shipping container desiccants are specialized products designed to absorb moisture and control humidity within shipping containers, thereby preventing condensation, mold, and other forms of damage to the cargo. They come in various forms, including bags, sheets, and strips, depending on the specific needs of the shipment.

Why are they important?

The importance of shipping container desiccants lies in their ability to protect valuable cargo from moisture-related damage during transit, ensuring that products arrive at their destination in optimal condition. Without adequate moisture protection, cargo can suffer from corrosion, mold, mildew, caking, and other detrimental effects, leading to significant financial losses for manufacturers, importers, and exporters.

InterDry Power Desiccant

สารดูดความชื้นคอนเทนเนอร์ขนส่ง IPD 1000g - สารดูดความชื้น - (15pcs/Box) Shipping Container Desiccant

Product overview

InterDry Power Desiccant is a high-performance shipping container desiccant that boasts superior absorption capacity, effectively protecting cargo from moisture damage. Its unique formulation and packaging make it a popular choice for businesses seeking reliable and efficient moisture control solutions.

Composition and specifications

This desiccant features a unique blend of components, including calcium chloride. These ingredients work together to provide excellent moisture absorption, ensuring that your cargo remains dry and protected during transit.

Key benefits and features

Among its standout features are its leak-proof design, 200% absorption capacity, and convenient packaging. The InterDry Power Desiccant comes in a Tyvek bag with a hook, making it easy to hang inside the shipping container. Its impressive absorption capacity means that you’ll need fewer units to protect your cargo, translating to cost savings and a reduced environmental impact.


สารดูดความชื้น EcoBag ดินดูดความชื้น ตัวดูดซับความชื้น 500 กรัม ผ้าไม่ทอ มีตะขอ 24 ชิ้น - Activated Clay Shipping Container Desiccant

Product overview

Ecobag is a versatile and eco-friendly shipping container desiccant that combines the power of attapulgite, bentonite, and calcium chloride to provide effective moisture protection for your cargo. Its environmentally conscious composition and reliable performance make it an ideal choice for businesses seeking a green alternative to traditional desiccants.

Composition and specifications

Composed of natural clay, Ecobag offers a reliable and sustainable desiccant solution. The combination of natural ingredients ensures effective moisture absorption while minimizing the product’s environmental footprint.

Key benefits and features

Available in various sizes, Ecobag is designed with a spunbond bag and a convenient hook for easy installation. Its eco-friendly composition makes it suitable for use with agricultural and food products, as it’s non-toxic and biodegradable. Moreover, Ecobag’s ability to absorb 50-60% of its own weight makes it an effective solution for a wide range of shipping applications.


Shipping Container Desiccant

Product overview

KeepDry is a 100% silica gel-based shipping container desiccant that offers effective moisture protection in a compact and convenient form. Its high-performance, non-toxic formulation makes it suitable for various industries, including food, pharmaceuticals, and electronics.

Composition and specifications

Comprising white silica gel beads measuring 3-5mm, KeepDry is packed in a spunbond bag with a hook for easy placement within the container. Silica gel is a widely used and proven desiccant material known for its excellent moisture absorption capabilities and non-toxic nature.

Key benefits and features

With its ability to absorb around 35% of its own weight, KeepDry is an excellent choice for cargo shipments requiring a reliable desiccant with a smaller footprint. Its non-toxic composition makes it suitable for use in various industries, including food and pharmaceuticals, while its compact packaging allows for easy installation and minimal disruption to the cargo.

Comparing the Three Desiccants: InterDry Power Desiccant, Ecobag, and KeepDry

Absorption capacity

When comparing the absorption capacity of each product, InterDry Power Desiccant stands out with its impressive 200% absorption capacity. Ecobag follows closely, offering absorption of 50-60% of its own weight, while KeepDry provides a respectable 35% absorption. Depending on the specific moisture protection needs of your cargo, each of these desiccants offers a viable solution.

Packaging and installation

All three desiccants come in spunbond bags with hooks for easy installation within the shipping container. This packaging design ensures that the desiccants are easy to handle and place within the container, allowing for optimal moisture absorption and protection of your cargo.

Suitable industries and applications

Each of these desiccants boasts versatility and effectiveness across various industries and applications. InterDry Power Desiccant, with its superior absorption capacity, is suitable for a wide range of industries, including agriculture, food and beverages, wood products, leather, metals, and textiles. Ecobag’s eco-friendly composition makes it a perfect choice for agricultural and food products, while KeepDry’s non-toxic silica gel formulation is ideal for use in the food, pharmaceutical, and electronics industries.

Selecting the Right Desiccant for Your Needs

When choosing the appropriate shipping container desiccant, it’s essential to consider factors such as absorption capacity, packaging, and industry-specific requirements. Assess the moisture protection needs of your cargo and weigh the benefits and features of each desiccant to determine which one best suits your needs. Ultimately, the right desiccant will ensure that your cargo arrives at its destination in optimal condition, free from moisture-related damage.

Unlocking the Benefits of Proper Moisture Protection

In conclusion, selecting the right shipping container desiccant for your cargo is a crucial step in safeguarding your products against moisture-related damage. With a thorough understanding of the benefits and features of InterDry Power Desiccant, Ecobag, and KeepDry, you can make an informed decision and choose the best moisture protection solution for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shipping Container Desiccant

What is a container desiccant?

A container desiccant is a moisture-absorbing substance used to protect goods from humidity and condensation during shipping in containers. They help maintain a stable environment inside the container, preventing damage caused by moisture, such as mold, rust, and corrosion.

Can I use multiple types of desiccants in one shipping container?

Yes, you can use multiple types of desiccants in a single container if needed. However, it’s essential to assess the moisture protection requirements of your cargo and choose the most suitable desiccant to ensure optimal results.

How many desiccant units do I need for my container?

The number of desiccant units required depends on factors such as the container size, the moisture sensitivity of the cargo, and the desiccant’s absorption capacity. It’s essential to consult the manufacturer’s guidelines or seek expert advice to determine the appropriate number of units for your specific shipment.

How do I dispose of used desiccants?

Disposal methods for used desiccants vary depending on the product’s composition. For eco-friendly options like Ecobag, the desiccant can be disposed of as regular waste, as it’s biodegradable and non-toxic. For other desiccants, consult the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper disposal procedures.

Can shipping container desiccants be reused?

Some desiccants, like silica gel, can be regenerated through a drying process and reused. However, not all desiccants are suitable for reuse, and it’s essential to consult the manufacturer’s guidelines to determine whether a particular product can be regenerated. Additionally, it’s important to consider the cost-effectiveness and practicality of regenerating desiccants, as it may be more economical to replace them with fresh units.

How long do shipping container desiccants last?

The lifespan of a shipping container desiccant depends on various factors, including the desiccant’s composition, absorption capacity, and the ambient conditions within the container. Typically, desiccants can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months, but it’s crucial to monitor the moisture levels within the container and replace the desiccants as needed to ensure optimal cargo protection.

Are there any restrictions on using desiccants for specific types of cargo?

Certain desiccants may not be suitable for use with specific types of cargo, such as food or pharmaceutical products, due to their composition. For instance, some desiccants may contain chemicals that could contaminate sensitive cargo. It’s essential to verify that the desiccant you choose is compatible with your cargo type and complies with any relevant industry regulations.

Can shipping container desiccants prevent all types of moisture-related damage?

While shipping container desiccants can significantly reduce the risk of moisture-related damage, they may not be able to prevent all types of damage in every situation. Factors such as extreme temperature fluctuations, container leaks, or improper packaging can still cause issues. Nonetheless, using desiccants in conjunction with other best practices for moisture protection, such as proper ventilation and insulation, can greatly minimize the risk of damage to your cargo.

What are the three types of desiccant?

The three main types of desiccants used in shipping containers are silica gel, calcium chloride, and clay (such as bentonite or attapulgite). Each type has its own absorption properties, benefits, and drawbacks, depending on the specific application and cargo requirements.

What is the best desiccant for shipping containers?

The best desiccant for shipping containers depends on the specific needs of the cargo being shipped. Some factors to consider are the cargo’s sensitivity to moisture, the shipping duration, and the climate conditions during transport. InterDry Power Desiccant, Ecobag, and KeepDry are three effective options, each with its own unique properties and benefits.

How much water can 1kg silica gel absorb?

1kg of silica gel can typically absorb around 35% of its own weight in water, which is approximately 350 grams of water.

What is the most cost-effective desiccant?

The most cost-effective desiccant depends on the specific requirements of the shipping container and the cargo being transported. Factors such as absorption capacity, reusability, and the number of units needed can impact the overall cost. Comparing the performance and cost of various desiccants, like InterDry Power Desiccant, Ecobag, and KeepDry, can help determine the most cost-effective option for a particular situation.

What is an alternative to silica desiccant?

Alternatives to silica desiccant include calcium chloride-based desiccants, such as InterDry Power Desiccant, and clay-based desiccants, like those found in Ecobag products. These alternatives offer different absorption capacities and properties, making them suitable for various shipping container applications.

How to Choose the Right Shipping Container Desiccant for Your Cargo

The Science Behind Shipping Container Desiccants: InterDry Power Desiccant, Ecobag, and KeepDry Explained

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